Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tutorial Five: Video Production Part Two

Autism is topic within the Occupational Therapy practise area and is a topic of interest for me. I have worked with a child with Autism at a holiday program and I found the experience to be fascinating. I am really looking forward to working with children with Autism in future placements or future practise. I have chosen five videos about Autism that I found very interesting. I chose 5 very different videos so that those reading could expand their knowledge base about Autism and gain a better understanding. These videos help explain, demonstrate and provide personal experience of Autism.

I found this first video to be very moving and captivating. It is called "fixing" Autism and is made by this man in honour of his daughter how has Autism. It demonstrates not only the struggles she goes through but the struggles they go through as a family. I think this is a great video for informing people about the reality of Autism for the person and their families. It is a great video for Autism awareness. I think anybody who watches it would be affected by this man and what he has to say.

The next video is from the perspective of different people with Autism. It has been made in honour of Autism Awareness month and its main focus is for these people to let the world know what it’s like to have Autism. It shows a range of different people who are all different on the Autism spectrum. It is their way of reaching out and telling the world what life is like for them.
This next video is the day in the life of Ryan. Ryan was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2. This video is made by his older sister how explains common signs and symptoms, the visible signs he showed and the frustrations in which a child with Autism can experience. We are able to see Ryan and the way in which he communicates and acts. She explains the challenges for living with someone with Autism and the effects it has on her younger sister who is also interviewed by her.
This video shows an Occupational Therapist working with a young boy with Autism. It shows them working with an Ipad learning to draw letters. I chose this video as it shows a type of intervention in which an Occupational Therapist like me would do with a client with Autism.
This video explains the various types of therapy that can improve a person’s social and communication skills and improve developmental growth. It names the different types of theories then explains them. This gives therapists and insight into effective therapies to use with clients with Autism.  


  1. Hi Sophie, I really like the videos that you posted about Autism. The "fixing" Autism was one of my favourites, I found it very inspiring. Would working with children with Autism be one of the things you would like to do in when you become an Occupational Therapist?

  2. Hi Brylee,
    Thanks for your feedback. Its my favourite video too. Must have taken that man a long time to make. Its a great way to make people aware of Autism. Yep I would love to work with children with Autism. I am looking forward to being full qualified so that I can research more about Autism and work closely with children with Autism and their families.